Velarray LiDAR

Designing smart powerful lidar solutions for ADAS and Autonomy.

With a compact form for seamless integration within a vehicle’s body or behind the windshield, we design the VELARRAY system to produce a robust directional image, day or night to meet our customer’s needs. The VELARRAY system has best-in-class range and resolution, allowing for faster object identification and longer braking distance at highway speeds.

The first Velodyne solid state LiDAR.

LiDAR (Light Identification Detection and Ranging) is a technology that, by processing a signal obtained by reflecting a light laser pulse, receives information about objects at a distance. Typically, a large number of laser pulses are emitted in a short period. This enables to obtain highly detailed and accurate digital models of the scanned space.

Unlike radio waves that effectively reflected only from large enough metal targets, light waves are reflected practically from all surrounding objects. Multiple reflections can be detected from a single emitted pulse.

Today, laser scanning technology is the most effective method of obtaining a digital terrain model from land, air and water. Modern geodesy is unthinkable without the using of LiDARs.