Terrestrial laser scanner PENTAX S3180 / S3180V

Laser scanner with an integrated camera to ensure the effective acquisition of high-quality, high-accurate and precise terrestrial laser scanning data.

The main advantages of the PENTAX S3180V ground scanning system are: high accuracy and precision, detail, speed, ease of use and integrated digital camera, combined with rotating mirror and protected from the external environment, which is necessary when working on construction sites and industrial facilities. Support for HDR allows to get high-quality panoramas with a resolution of up to 80 megapixels per scan even in poor light conditions.

Thanks to the technology of phase method for measuring range, the scanner provides unmatched accuracy at distances of up to 187.3 m. The scanning frequency of more than 1 million pulses per second and rotation speed of deflection unit up to 50 rpm guarantee the fixation of all objects falling in the field of view of the scanner, regardless of their size.

Various settings for detail and quality during scanning make it possible to achieve high density of laser reflection points, even at long distances from the system. PENTAX S3180V can be used in urban environments without any restrictions (laser class 1 according to EN60825-1 \ ANSI Z136.1).

The scanner is adapted to receive external synchronization signals, for example GNSS and / or odometer, to determine the position at any time from external devices.

High-quality HDR camera allows to receive spherical panoramas with resolution up to 80 mp on scan, which makes processing of the data obtained even more convenient.

Terrestrial laser scanning is the most efficient and high-performance method for obtaining accurate and the most complete information about spatial objects:

›   building or construction;
›   architectural monument;
›   architectural design;
›   industrial site;
›   technological equipment;
›   crime scene (in forensics)
›   and others.

The principle of scanning is to determine the spatial coordinates of spatial objects points by measuring the distance to all determined points with reflectorless rangefinder. Measurements are made with very high speed - about 1 million pulses per second. With help of sweep system, the laser pulse is directed to entire field of view of scanner, resulting in complete accurate 3D model of surrounding space.
Scans taken from different points are combined into single model, after which the necessary measurements are carried out.


Terrestrial laser scanner PENTAX S3180 / S3180V.

Laser system
Laser class 1 (according EN60825-1 / ANSI Z136.1)
Beam divergence < 0.3 mrad
Beam diameter 3.5 mm (at 0.1 m distance)
Range 187.3 m
Minimum distance 0.3 m
Data acquisition rate 1.016 MHz
Deflection unit
Type completely encapsulated rotating mirror
FOV 360°/320°
Vertical resolution 0.0004°
Horizontal resolution 0.0002°
Vertical accuracy 0.007°rms
Horizontal accuracy 0.007°rms
Rotation speed max 50 rms
HDR camera
Focus distance 1 m - ...
Image count for panorama 42
Recording time 3:30 min
Panorama resolution 80 MPix
Accuracy (80% reflection)
10.0 m 0.3 mm
25.0 m 0.5 mm
50.0 m 0.8 mm
100.0 m 2.0 mm
Functional specifications
Input voltage 22 - 28 VDC
Power consumption 65W (on average)
Dimensions 170x286x395 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
Protection class IP53
Operating temperature -10°C ... +45°C
Storage temperature -20°C ... +50°C