Profiler PENTAX S2100

The world's fastest profiler (2D scanner).

Scanning system PENTAX S2100 has vertical field of view 360 degrees and is the fastest scanner in the world. Due to the scaning frequency more than 1 million pulses per second and rotation speed of deflection unit up to 200 rps, the distance between neighboring profiles is minimal even at high speeds. High data density ensures that even small objects will be fixed and subsequently processed. The system can be used in urban conditions without any restrictions (laser class 1 in accordance with EN60825-1 \ ANSI Z136.1).

Mirror is completely protected from external environment, which is necessary for mobile laser scanning, on construction sites, industrial facilities, etc. The scanner is adapted to receive external synchronization signals, for example GNSS and / or odometer, to determine the position at any time from external devices.

The high rotation speed of deflection unit and scanning frequency provide unsurpassed density and accuracy of the laser reflection points clouds. The system ideally suits for mobile laser scanning.

The principle of profiler is to continuously scan the surrounding space in the same plane to obtain the coordinates of the points of laser reflections in the polar coordinate system.
When the profiler moves relative to the survey object, the exact position and orientation of the scanner in the three-dimensional space are fixed using an inertial positioning solution, for example, AGM-PS. Further on these data the scanned profiles are oriented in the required coordinate system and a cloud of laser reflection points is formed.
Due to the high speed of rotation of scanning mirror and frequency of laser pulses, the cloud of points is very dense and accurate even at high speeds of vehicle. This is especially needed when scanner is used on road and rail transport.


Profiler PENTAX S2100.

Laser system
Laser class 1 (according to EN60825-1 / ANSI Z136.1)
Beam divergence < 0.5 mrad
Beam diameter 1.9 mm (at 0.1 m distance)
Range 119 m
Minimum distance 0.3 m
Data acquisition rate 1.016 MHz
Deflection unit
Type completely encapsulated rotating mirror
FOV 360°
Angular resolution 0.0088°
Angular accuracy 0.02°rms
Rotation speed 50-200 rps
Accuracy (80% reflection)
0.3 m 0.5 mm
2.0 m 0.3 mm
5.0 m 0.3 mm
10.0 m 0.2 mm
25.0 m 0.4 mm
50.0 m 0.9 mm
Functional specifications
Input voltage 22 - 28 VDC
Power consumption (24V) 7 - 10.5 A
Dimensions 320x260x340 mm
Weight 13.5 kg
Protection class IP54
Operating temperature -10°C ... +45°C
Storage temperature -20°C ... +50°C