Mobile laser scanner AGM-MS7.3180

The mobile laser scanner AGM-MS7.3180 (modification with increased scanning range) is a flexible and cost-effective solution for mobile mapping.

Usual applications:

›  engineering surveys;
›  creating three-dimensional models of infrastructure objects;
›  inventory and diagnostics of the roads and railways;
›  GIS for various purposes;
›  airport runway diagnostics;
›  facades photography;
›  and others.

The PENTAX S-3180 scanning system inside of AGM-MS7.3180 with scan rate of up to 1 MHz and deflection unit rotation speed of up to 50 rps provides unprecedented high detail and scanning accuracy even at high vehicle speed. The scanning head can be used as ground laser scanner separately.

Spherical panoramic camera FLIR (earlier PointGrey) LadyBug 5+ enables the capture of spherical panoramic pictures at a resolution of up to 30 MP with a frame rate of up to 30 fps, allowing you to cover 90% of the sphere.

The high accuracy inertial movement units (IMU) inside the AGM-PS model, manufactured in different countries (including the Russian Federation) and designed and developed around the fiber optic gyros technology (FOG), are not subject to any export restrictions or sanctions.

The above-mentioned equipment is listed in the NATIONAL REGISTER OF MEASURING INSTRUMENT CERTIFICATES of the Russian Federation under No. 64259-16.

Scanning range 187.3 at scanning frequency up to 1 MHz allows to obtain highly accurate, presice and detailed models of objects remote from the trajectory of vehicle during mobile laser scanning.

The technology of mobile laser scanning is based on the integration of distance measurements to terrain objects using a high speed laser range finder and navigation measurements necessary to determine coordinates of mobile laser scanner's movement and angles of its orientation.

Mobile laser scanning is accompanied by GNSS measurements on a network of base stations. On the basis of these measurements, differential corrections are made to the solution of trajectory obtained from the navigation system of mobile scanner.

As a result of joint processing of range finders measurements and trajectory, an array of laser reflection points is obtained, in which each point has spatial coordinates XYZ in the required coordinate system with high accuracy. The density of mobile laser scanning points can reach tens of thousands per square meter of survey. Simultaneously with the laser scanning, panoramic photographing is also carried out. Panoramic survey is carried out together with the definition of external orientation parameters of the images using the navigation systems AGM-PS. This allows you to "snap" panoramic images to the site of the terrain with high accuracy.


Mobile laser scanner AGM-MS7.3180.

Laser system
Data acquisition rate 1.016 MHz
Range 187.3 m
FOV 320°
Deflection unit rotation speed up to 50 rps
Panoramic camera
Number of cameras 6
Resolution 30 Mp (6 x 5 Mp)
ADC 12 bit
Frame Rate 30 fps JPEG, 14.5 fps RAW
FOV 90% full sphere
Optics 4.4 mm
Focus distance 200 sm (objects have an acceptable sharpness from ~60 cm to infinity)
Inertial navigation solution
AGM-PS according specifications
Metrological specifications*
Range accuracy 3.1 mm
Spatial accuracy 3 sm XY/3 sm H
Number in the State Register of Measuring Instruments 64259-16
*detailed information on request
Functional specifications
Dimensions 272x495x732 mm
Weight 28.5 kg
Power consumption 12 V, 17 A

Mobile scanning system AGM-MS7

Video presentation of the AGM-MS7 mobile laser scanner with description of the main components, specifications, usage examples, data examples.

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