Airborne laser scanner for UAV

Entry level airborne laser scanner for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

AGM-MS2 is an entry-level system for:

›  engineering surveys;
›  creation of three-dimensional models of infrastructure objects;
›  design;
›  mine surveying;
›  and others.

The airborne laser scanner works according to the “plug and play” principle and does not require control during the survey process.

AGM-MS2 - entry-level model in the line of airborne laser scanners from AGM Systems LLC. It is designed for installation on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) capable to flight with payload of 1.5 kg.

The laser scanner is equipped with the AGM-PS.M inertial navigation system with a triple-frequency quadruple-system GNSS receiver. The AGM-MS2 is equipped with low-weight Russian-made MEMS IMU.

Scanhead is capable to capture up to two reflections from a single emitted pulse, which makes it particularly effective when survey forested terrain.

When using the AGM-MS2 laser scanner with a DJI Matrix600, the density of laser reflection points reaches several hundred per square meter (depending on the flight altitude).


Airborne laser scanner for UAV.

Laser system
Data acquisition rate 300 kHz
Range 100 m
FOV 360°
Deflection unit rotation speed 20 rps
External events fixing
Inertial navigation solution AGM-PS.M
Metrological specifications*
Range accuracy 3 sm
Spatial accuracy 7 sm
*detailed information on request
Functional specifications
Dimensions 124x124x140 mm
Weight 1.26 kg
Power consumption 12 V, 1.3 A
Operating temperature -10 ... +55 °C